If you’re anywhere in Chicago area or just visiting for personal or business reasons, our limo services are available for you 24 hours 7 days a week all year round.



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  • Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Hourly Limo Service

The biggest advantage of by the hour limousine service is that it gives you the absolute freedom to go wherever you want to go and make as many stops as you need. It’s a perfect choice for when you need to be at several places in one day, attend multiple meetings or just go out and party all night around town. It makes you the absolute master of your time. You just tell us for how many hours you need the limo and that’s all we charge for.

Our Chicago limo per hour gives you the liberty and complete control over the route, stops, waiting time or you can just change your plan as you go – there are no restrictions.

Your Own Private Limo

The idea behind hourly limo service is to give you the experience that you are riding in your very own private black car. You can pick the model you like, the one that suits your style or your plans for that day. If you are going to meetings a classy sedan is always the best option, because they can easily navigate the city streets. If you are headed for the club and bar hopping and you have a big group of friends – you can fit them all in a SUV or a luxury van. If you’re having a special glamorous evening, you can book our stretch limo. Taking your employees to the team building or driving your sports team from a hotel to the practice and back can easily be managed with our coach bus.

Your Personal Professional Chauffeur

Our hourly limo service Chicago will give you the feeling that you have your own personal chauffeur ready to take you wherever you need to go.
We chose our drivers just as you would choose them – by recommendation and by making sure that they have years of experience behind them.
You, your friends and family or anyone else that needs our hourly limo service will be safe with our chauffeurs behind the wheel.
Anyone will have a special treatment and we will act as your partner, catering to the ones who are important to you just as you would.

Personal And Business Limo Services

You are free to use our hourly Chicago limo for personal or business reasons. If you want to take your employees to several places in one day, drive your important client or business partner around town or your boss has multiple meetings that he needs to attend – our hourly service is a perfect choice. You can be sure that we will always act as a part of your company.
If, on the other hand, you want to party all night, pick up your cousin or a friend from the airport and show them around Chicago all day long – we also recommend our hourly limo service. We will always take you and your loved ones safely back home.

Private Chicago Limo For A Low Price

The best thing about our limo is that it’s extremely affordable and it still feels like it’s your very own chauffeured black car. We keep our prices transparent and everything that you pay for online while booking will be your only expense. There are no additional costs and unexpected fees. You can book your own Chicago limo by the hour easily by calling our phone, sending an email with details about the time and place of your pick up and your destination or you can just fill out the form on our website. We will send you an offer immediately and if we agree on the price, you will have a limo reserved just for you for as many hours as you need.