If you’re anywhere in Chicago area or just visiting for personal or business reasons, our limo services are available for you 24 hours 7 days a week all year round.



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Long Distance Limo Service

There are many reasons why you may need long distance limo from Chicago to Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Indianapolis or Michigan City. Maybe you have family and relatives living there and it’s too much of a hassle to take a plane. Maybe you want to see a game or a show, but you don’t like flying and would much rather take the ground transportation. Maybe you have a business meeting, roadshow or a conference, you need to take several employees, but company can’t afford plane tickets for all of them. Whatever the reason, you can count on our limo services to take you from Chicago to any surrounding state safely and on time.

You can count on our Chicago limo service even when you need to be picked up from the O’Hare and Midway airport or any other private airport in the area. We understand that long trips can be exhausting and we will take as many breaks and stops along the way as you need.

Corporate Long Distance Limo  Service

When it comes to corporate transportation, time is of the essence. Most companies and teams have tight schedules that they have to maintain and hiring an unprofessional driver that easily gets lost or booking a badly maintained vehicle that can break along the way can easily turn your business trip into a horror story.
Don’t risk your important roadshows, meetings and conferences with such an affordable and simple service as transportation.
We are equipped with anything that can help us get you to your destination quickly and safely and we maintain a constant communication with our office staff who makes sure we are where we need to be when we need to be.

Professional Chauffeurs That Know The Way

Our chauffeurs know the Illinois surrounding states just as well as they know Chicago itself. Years of experience helped them to navigate any street, get to know any road and calculate exactly how long it takes to arrive from Chicago to Milwaukee or Indianapolis, for example. They never get lost and they are equipped with GPS service installed in order to help them find the best and the fastest route. You will never get charged extra because the driver didn’t know the way or waste time trying to find the right street. Not only do they know the road well, but they are always on time, in their uniform, ready to open doors and help you with bags and luggage. Our chauffeurs will give you all the privacy to rest or work, whatever the reason for your travel permits.

Reliable And Well-Maintained Fleet

When traveling long time, one of the most important aspects is that you have a reliable and secure vehicle. We take all of our limousines for a six month checkup with the Chicago city authorities and they are always at the peak of their performance. The interior is spacious and made of high quality black leather, which means you will be comfortable and well rested no matter how far you travel. We have sedans for your business trips, SUVs for family trips, party buses and luxury vans for your fun and corporate trips.

Book Your Long Distance Chicago Limo

If you need a certain type of vehicle for a certain number of people, especially for corporate travel, the best option would be to book your desired limo as soon as possible to ensure that your long distance Chicago limo service is ready and waiting just for you.
We accept all major credit cards and you can book within minutes via our website, email or phone number.
You can expect our confirmation and our offer soon afterwards.